Keynsham Photo Centre

Jenny Giles Photography

At Jenny Giles Photography we want to offer our clients a unique photography experience. We specialise in families, children and babies to create bespoke art work that will be treasured forever. Our children are growing up in a digital age. When I was small I used to love visiting my nan and heading down the hall in her small bungalow right to the very end, and sitting for hours in the back bedroom surrounded by photo albums. It was fascinating to wonder at the years gone by and I know my daughter now, loves to see these albums too. Here at Jenny Giles Photography we want to make sure our children and loved ones aren’t lost if our phone breaks. Aren’t gone forever if the computer crashes.

We want to create timeless signature art that can be passed on for generations. This is why I have used Keynsham Photo Centre as my pro lab for four and a half years, as they print my art work to such a high standard that we together, will have created images that will last a life time. We love what we do, and our passion means we will always keep striving to give the best we can. We are constantly pushing ourselves to achieve something unique, and hopefully people will see that in our work.