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Passport Photos

No appointment necessary - your photos will take around 5 minutes from capture to print. Whether you need visa photos for an exciting trip around the world or a photo for your work ID badge. Everyone at Keynsham Photo Centre Ltd is trained to take photographs to all the required standards and the finished prints are produced while you wait.

Passport, Visa & ID Type Price
UK/EU (35 x 45mm) passports, bus pass, driving licence. A set of 6 photos.  or digital £10.00
35 x 45mm photos for infant and baby passport photos. A set of 6 photos. £12.00

USA and Indian passports and visas. (50 x 50mm) A set of 2 photos.

Canadian (50 x 70mm) passports and visas. A set of 2 photos.

Digital and photos + £2
Extra copies will be charged at £4.